Themes :

That sense of separation -- separation from God, separation from Source, separation from Home, and separation from one another -- is the fundamental pain of the soul. Every life pain, when we really trace its tendrils, reaches down to that root pain, the basic belief of separation from the Eternal. Every hunger, every craving, is an attempt to spread a thin layer of pleasure over that pain. Every self-inflicted hurt is an attempt to overpower that great ache with the sharp intensity of the moment. Most actions, when carefully dissected, are an attempt to distract ourselves from that terrible emptiness.

You can see that so much of our life force is spent in avoidance of confrontation with that gulf between the individual and the Eternal.

Most people look away, spend all their life running from that canyon of separation. But the mystic sits on the cliff edge and, though frightened, stares endlessly into the great spaceā€¦ until suddenly an amazing thing happens -- in a flash the emptiness is seen to be not a distance but a connection, a joining. The gulf is itself the bridge spanning the distance, and we discover that we can walk upon it, that there was, in fact, never any separation or distance.

It is the very intensity of our yearning that is finally recognized as the point of connection with the Eternal. And then the pain flips, turning to such sweetness.

Poems with the theme of Separation

  Brabazon, Francis Dawn is a Friend
  Bulleh Shah I have been pierced by the arrow of love, what shall I do?
  Bulleh Shah What a carefree game He plays!
  Emre, Yunus The Truth fills the world
  Hallaj, Mansur al- You live inside my heart; in there are secrets about You
  Hallaj, Mansur al- You Went Away but Remained in Me
  Iraqi, Fakhruddin I want Union with Him
  Islam, Nazrul Let's Meet Hereafter!
  Kabir The light of the sun, the moon, and the stars shines bright
  Kerouac, Jack The Scripture of the Golden Eternity
  McCombs, Chris Is This Your Time?
  Meher Baba The Beloved's Face
  Mirabai The Beloved Comes Home
  Nematollah Vali, Shah Take one step beyond yourself
  Novalis Uplifted is the stone
  Ramsay, Jay Infinity and Beyond
  Rilke, Rainer Maria Want the change
  Rumi, Mevlana Jelaluddin By the God who was in pre-eternity living and moving and omnipotent, everlasting
  Rumi, Mevlana Jelaluddin Seeking the Source
  Tagore, Rabindranath (84) It is the pang of separation that spreads throughout the world (from Gitanjali)
  Thayumanavar O Mind, Be Clear
  Tsogyel, Yeshe Now until the dualistic identity mind melts and dissolves
  Yogananda, Paramahansa God! God! God!