Is This Your Time?

by Chris McCombs

Original Language English

I love your beauty, your depth, your femininity
I love your surrender, your innocence, your vulnerability
But . . . do you hear the call ?
Does illumination beckon you?

Do you feel it in your blood . . . the descent of Light?
Has enlightenment captured your heart
Thrown you to the ground . . . claimed you
Wiping out all other priorities?

I truly love how connected you are
How easily love flows from your heart
How deeply the sacred moves you

I love that the attraction between us is strong
The compatibility a blessing . . . like a flowing river
But . . . do you hear the call ? Is this your time?
Your time to awaken . . . to leave the illusion behind?

Has illumination become your priority
Your intention, your destiny?
Has spiritual fervor, chased away all other suitors
Or does the world still call you?

I so adore your dharma nature, your willingness to serve
How you move to relieve suffering
You are such a goddess
The divine feminine . . . in love with the sacred

But . . . is this really your time ?
Your time to awaken from the dream
Leave separation behind
See with the eye of Oneness?

You have awakened in the dream--I can see that in your eyes
Your presence is obvious . . . deeply rooted in the now
But have you awakened from the dream
Has separation taken flight . . . has the charm claimed you?

Can you sustain surrender ? Can you sacrifice ego
Over and over and over . . . until the Divine has become you
Until the veil is so thin that you live on Light . . . on Love
On the shine of Perfection?

I love how you do the work
How deeply you love the Truth
How easily you forgive
I adore your authenticity, your sincerity, your devotion

But . . . is this really your time ?
Are you done with self serving ?
Done with ego identity . . . done with illusion
Or does the matrix still call you ?

Is base camp no longer an option
Because you are in heat with the Divine Beloved
And the summit is calling?
Calling deep in your bones

Is this your time ?
Like really . . . your time?

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Commentary by Ivan M. Granger

Commentary by Sonjan:

We enter the world with a blind fold, the veil of forgetfulness. It is rare for anyone to slip through with clear remembrance. If we somehow see the Light, the social conditioning will quickly extinguish it. I certainly showed up blind. My job seemed to go something like this:
veil securely in place . . . CHECK
incarnate and fall fast asleep, CHECK.
assume the illusion to be true . . . CHECK
try to get ahead in the world as it is . . . CHECK
Fortunately, I had scheduled a wakeup call at age 22, a vision which ripped me from my moorings in illusion and planted my feet firmly on the path to Spirit.

Over a lifetime, my priorities deepened with me. What I longed for in my twenties and thirties, no longer drew me. In the early days, beauty was everything. I was young! Then the importance of love, depth of character and integrity came forward. I saw the value of compatibility and found a superb mechanism for forecasting compatibility and attraction. But there was more to it than attraction, more to it than compatibility.

At one point, being spiritual was enough. However, that deepened into the love of the sacred. Devotion became important. Finally dharma took center stage as I discovered giving back. Had a person found their reason for being, their deeper purpose in life, or was shopping and keeping the house beautiful still doing the trick.

The journey from the cultural imperatives of beauty, success, fame, and wealth to a deeply sacred life was a grand adventure—and took time. It was clear that all people at the upper levels of human development were beautiful souls; honest, loving, open minded, allowing, devoted to the sacred, the Truth and to giving back.

However, I was passionate about enlightenment. It was the calling that had shaped my life. And in meditation, during an intensive retreat with Aaravindha in the fall of 2012, I realized that this was my core priority. It had always been my core priority, since the moment I heard of it in my twenties in Yogananda's autobiography.

Now, I had the tools in my hand; the most powerful, transforming, alchemical temple techniques on the planet for creating transcendence, illumination and enlightenment; for healing the mind, for cleaning the unconscious mind of its distorting vrittis and repressions and was studying with a remarkable rishi who had direct access to true Self knowledge. I was in heaven. I was doing what I had been born to do. I was awakening.

This poem appeared during that meditation as an epiphany. I saw what I was longing for . . . a partner to walk Home with who also heard the call, who was just as passionate about illumination, and willing to go the distance. You can't make this up—you either hear the call or you don't. I wanted to partner with someone who heard the call and was willing to live it as their passion.

Yes, dharma was important. Compatibility was important. Loving and laughing were important. All the divine qualities were important. Even going south for the winter was fine. But beneath it all . . . do you hear that call? Does enlightenment beckon you? Is this your time, or is having babies, a home and a mortgage still calling you. People arrive here with different assignments, different passions. Do you still have things in the matrix of creation that bind you—do you need to build a company, be the baron of your empire, teach a teaching or right some egregious wrong, or are you deeply ready to make the required ego sacrifices to wake up.

I wanted to include all the priorities that had called me over the years. I wanted to acknowledge their beauty and power as divine attributes and at the same time layer them in a context. They were all important, but at the core was: is this your time to wake up. Are you actually going to do it?

I know I am going to catch flak from my friends in the non-dual traditions, such as the beloved Ramana Maharshi, who say, “There is nothing to do . . . all this enlightenment focus and sadhana practice is a waste of time. There is nothing you need to do. It is already the case.” And to them I say, that is true—as far as Being is concerned. We are indeed all fractals, rays of the Divine Essence, eternal and forever. Any searching at this level IS counterproductive, since it is already the case. But I would also say—you are missing the power of the mind and its distorting influence. Those warps go with us from life to life and distort the flood of Divine Light that illuminates us. Until the dust is removed from the lense of the mind, we are destined to embody those distortions.

Patanjali spoke about this in the Yoga Sutras, “Yogas citta vritti nirodha. Tada drastuh svarupe vasthanam. Vrittie swarupyam itaratra.” Meaning: ‘When the distorting mental patterns that influence the mind's operating principles are annulled in a state of complete rest, the perceiver realized oneness. Only then, does the perceiver reclaim his or her illuminated nature. Otherwise, those perception-distorting patterns continue to cause the perceiver to resemble the distortions.”*

*The Heart of The Path, Sambodha Texts, Vol II, by Aaravindha Himadra

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Is This Your Time?