Raga Maru

by Jayadeva

English version by Nirmal Dass
Original Language Sanskrit

I drew up breath
through my left nostril,
fixed it
at the bridge of my nose,
and then forced
out that breath
through the right nostril,
while repeating "Om"
sixteen times.
I broke the strength
of my weak heart,
steadied my inconstant spirit,
and gave form
to my inchoate mind --
thus did I drink ambrosia.

O my heart,
sing the praises
of God the primal --
thus shall you lessen
the difference
between you and Him.

I worshipped
the Worshipful,
and trusted
the Trustworthy --
like water
can easily blend
with water.
Jayadeva says,
I praised
the victorious Deva,
and found that Brahma
who Himself has no desires,
who is lost forever
in the vastness
of His own self.

-- from Songs of the Saints from the Adi Granth, Translated by Nirmal Dass

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Raga Maru