Raga Gujri

by Jayadeva

English version by Nirmal Dass
Original Language Sanskrit

First Mover,
Hoard of virtue,
Beyond creation,
Forever present.

Only Ram's name
can entice the heart.
Repeat this always:
His name is ambrosia,
it is the true reality.
Remember His name
and suffering shall vanish.
Remember His name
and birth, old age, death
shall not touch you.

If you wish to defeat
Yama and his hordes,
seek honor,
peace and goodness.
The present,
the past, the future
are all transitory
and fleeting --
only He is everlasting
and infinite.

all lusts;
do not look longingly
upon what others
posses and hold --
it is not fitting.
Abandon all evil deeds
and all evil thoughts.
Go and seek the refuge
of Chakradhar.

for yourself
Hari's love
through holiness,
through right deeds,
through right words.
What use is yoga?
What good is the world?
What good is giving alms,
what good penance?

Adore Gobind, Gobind,
O mortal,
for He is the source
of all spiritual power.
Openly, without hesitation,
Jayadeva comes
seeking His refuge --
for He existed in the past,
He exists today.
He abides in all things.

-- from Songs of the Saints from the Adi Granth, Translated by Nirmal Dass

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Raga Gujri