Toward the One

by Sabah Raphael Reed

Original Language English

When She comes to me

I feel

Her breath on my cheek
whispering the first lullaby;
Her elemental gaze
holding my febrile supplication;
Her face vaulted invisibly
in rock, earth, stone, stars;
Her lap, her breast, her arms, her exquisite tenderness.

When I come to her

She feels

my body flood with silent waters rising up inside;
my boundaries split and spirit into intimacy;
my heart thrum at the world's rim;
my eyes tremble and brim.

She becomes me when I become Her
and then there is
no beginning and no end,
no before and no after,
no Her and no me.

There is instead a feeling of being undone ~
the hook and eye of ego parting,
the light flooding in.
A feeling of fusion,
of relief.

     A feeling of finally being emptied
     and in that moment

- from Agape: Poems of Love and Awakening
A copy of Agape: Poems of Love and Awakening can be obtained by emailing

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Toward the One