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Poems by Sabah Raphael Reed

Sabah is a poet, celebrant, teacher, lover, mother and friend. She enjoys facilitating creative and contemplative co-enquiry groups -- with a deep interest in Sophia Wisdom and eco-spirituality. Sabah has been a traveller on the Sufi Way and Open Path since meeting Pir Elias Amidon in 2012. This experience felt like a homecoming -- a return to her ‘mother tongue'. Amongst many blessings since then Sabah has been delighted to discover a poetic voice flowing - with poems arising unbidden from a place of deep tenderness, gratitude and joy.

Sabah's first collection of poems -- Agape -- chronicles her journey of awakening.

A copy of Agape: Poems of Love and Awakening can be obtained by emailing

Poems by Sabah Raphael Reed

Sabah Raphael Reed