why fear this moment

by Nirmala

Original Language English

     why fear this moment
     when no thoughts come
     at last I lie naked
     in the arms of experience

why fear this moment
when no words come
at last I find rest
in the lap of silence

     why fear this moment
     when love finds itself alone
     at last I am embraced
     by infinity itself

why fear this moment
when judgment falls away
at last my defenses
fail to keep intimacy at bay

     why fear this moment
     when hope is lost
     at last my foolish dreams
     are surrendered to perfection

-- from Gifts With No Giver: A Love Affair With Truth, by Nirmala

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Commentary by Ivan M. Granger

A beautiful poem of presence. Enough adventures attempting to escape from "this moment." Why fear it? It is our treasure; it is all we possess. Time is not filled with days and years. There is always only this moment, and nothing else.

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why fear this moment