words do not come

by Nirmala

Original Language English

words do not come
there is no need for profound utterances or
deep truths
here is an ordinary evening
why spoil it with dramatic overstatement

the silence amidst the noise
the gem at the core
of every experience
is polished by simple attention
into shining magnificence

-- from Gifts With No Giver: A Love Affair With Truth, by Nirmala

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Commentary by Ivan M. Granger

We always want everything in our lives to be grand, to be important, to be Significant. The more "spiritual" we are, the more we want everything we rest our attention on to be profound. That instinct at first helps us out of our inertia, but it eventually becomes one more way for the self-important self to reinforce itself.

The goal isn't profound thoughts, grand experiences. We don't need to become significant; we are significant. We just need to experience the moment honestly, clearly, without self-projection. Then that mundane moment is truly seen for the first time. Polished by our own gentle attention, the moment begins to shine with a light that was somehow hidden to our usual surface glance.

Don't try to make something happen in the world or in yourself. Let the simple moment shine. Let your shining self see it.

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words do not come