I traveled a long way seeking God

by Lalla

English version by Swami Muktananda
Original Language Kashmiri

I traveled a long way seeking God,
but when I finally gave up and turned back,
there He was, within me!

O Lalli!
Now why do you wander
like a beggar?
Make some effort,
and He will grant you
a vision of Himself
in the form of bliss
in your heart.

-- from Lalleshwari: Spiritual Poems by a Great Siddha Yogini, Translated by Swami Muktananda

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Commentary by Ivan M. Granger

For so many mystics it is this way. After intense searching without success, what can be done but give up, or collapse? Yet a special thing happens at that very moment. You drop your expectations, your hopes, your projections about this external thing called "God." For the first time you have truly let go the story you've been telling yourself about what God is and how you fit into the picture. It is only then that the scales fall from your eyes.

You stop straining to look, and finally see. And you see the Eternal already here, within you.

Finally recognizing the all-engulfing presence of the Divine, the heart feels safe; the heart opens, it blooms, and we are flooded by indescribable bliss!

Even a spiritual mendicant like Lalla can no longer think of herself as a beggar when in possession of such wealth.

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