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Poets in the Vaishnava (Krishna/Rama) tradition
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Vaishnavas worship the god Vishnu, usually in one of his human forms as either Krishna or Rama.

Krishna, whose name means the Dark One, is the God-king best known for his radiant exposition of action and spirituality within the Bhagavad Gita.

Rama is the hero of the great Ramayana epic in which he embodies the highest virtues of loyalty, courage, asceticism, and devotion to his divine wife, Sita. Hanuman, the monkey god of service and action, is also associated with the god Rama.

The Vaishnava tradition is particularly associated with Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of devotion and ecstatic love of God.

Poets in the Vaishnava (Krishna/Rama) Tradition

Andal (9th Century)
  Beni (14th Century)
  Candaka (290? - 365?)
  Janabai (1298 - 1350?)
Jayadeva (12th Century)
Mirabai (1498 - 1565?)
Namdev (1270 - 1350)
Nammalvar (8th Century)
Ramananda (1400 - 1480)
  Rasakhan (1534? - 1619?)
Surdas (1478? - 1581?)
Tukaram (1608 - 1649)
Tulsi Sahib (1763 - 1843)
Vidyapati (1340? - 1430)

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