by Jay Ramsay

Original Language English

Leros, Greece

Doing nothing about this
Or the day, or the time.
I don't know and I don't know
Lying back with the light behind my eyes
Watching the mind stop--
Watching my watch stop,
Letting it all stop,
Letting it go.

Thought-free, as the light is
As I drop whatever words come, one by one
Into the light's depth, the lap lap of the water
And a half-buried book left open in the sand
With its torn bleached pages I saw myself
Slowly scattering into the water--
And pages and pages I just crossed out.
Standing in the water, and the water was light
Splashing it over each other and laughing
As we talked to each other with our eyes--

And now you lie with your face in silence
I look at myself dissolving as I step
Forward to where I can carry nothing
Only the light of what already is in me
Becoming that self as it has always been
Endlessly begun, and about to begin.

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