The verbal unity comes from the words

by Moulana Shah Maghsoud

English version by Sayedeh Nahid Angha
Original Language Persian/Farsi

The verbal unity comes from the words,
Divine secrets read only to the heart.

-- from Diwan-e-Ghazal (in Farsi), by Moulana Shah Maghsoud / Translated by Seyedeh Nahid Angha

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Commentary by Ivan M. Granger

Some days it's the really short poems that speak to me, like this two-line sher. Yes, you can say so much more, surround it with more words, with evocative images, paint a rich tapestry. But then again, why? Sometimes it's the shortest string of words that act as a thunderclap to silence the busy mind.

These two lines, for example...

Through words we gain "verbal unity," mental connections, the joining of concepts, building the structures of informational knowledge. While hugely important, that is only one form of knowledge and, ultimately, a limited form a knowledge.

Real knowledge, deep knowledge, the knowledge of Reality as a whole is not a construction of words and concepts. No matter how it strains the mind of cognition cannot grasp such knowledge, and so it is a "secret." And the secret is this: We don't claim that knowledge, we enter into it. We participate in it. This knowledge does not reveal itself through domination but through yielding. It is read only by the open heart.

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The verbal unity