Lord, You Tore from Me

by Antonio Machado

English version by Ivan M. Granger
Original Language Spanish

     Lord, you tore from me what I loved most.
Listen again, my God, to my heart's cry:
Your will was done, Lord, not mine.
Lord, my heart and the sea are already alone.

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Commentary by Ivan M. Granger

Antonio Machado's wife, whom he loved very much, died soon after they were married, when she was still a young woman. This loss pulled at Machado for the rest of his life; the sorrowful beauty of his poetry continuously reflects this loss. But Machado also recognizes that his sorrow brings about a depth, a spiritual maturity. It even awakens in him an intimacy with the Divine, giving Machado the freedom to cry out about God's cruelty, in full confidence that such a criticism is also acceptable prayer. Through his suffering, Machado confronts the vast, terrible Mystery of life (and death). It is the immense sea and the immensity of his own center, his heart. He and the Mystery are alone; he and the Mystery are already one.

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