The Religions

by Stewart Bitkoff

Original Language English

Traveler:     There is only One God, or the Light,
          yet there are many paths and religions,
          why is this so?

Master:     Each traveler finds God/Light
          In a different way.
          One traveler may seek salvation
          as a loving spouse and parent
          and another may find God's Face
          on a distant shore.

          Each traveler is a universe
          and in this vast expanse
          it is easy to go astray.
          Only the Light's Grace
          leads the traveler home.

          Religion may be compared
          to a great river that feeds the land.
          The river winds its way as a mighty force
          and smaller tributaries are formed
          to serve the distant regions.
          Some travelers are satisfied
          to drink of the smaller stream
          and forget they must travel
          the river to its Source.
          Beyond the river's gate,
          the Ocean is waiting.

Traveler:     Where is the boat
          to journey the river
          for I am ready to depart?

Master:     O little one, you are so eager;
          Yet you are already a sail
          and your soul is the vessel.
          Your heart is the compass
          and the Light's Mercy is the breeze
          at your back.

          If you bow in prayer to the Light,
          the Light Will provide all you need
          and Guide you to the Ocean.

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The Religions