by Ivan M. Granger

Original Language English

I lie
"I see God."

This (i)
is much (!)
     too small
     to see.

I must say
     "God is seen."

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Commentary by Ivan M. Granger

For anyone to say, "I see God," or "I experience bliss," is inaccurate.

What most people mean when they say "I," the ego self, cannot witness these things. It is truly too small to perceive such vastness. The perception of the Divine occurs, but it is not a perception from a specific point.

"I," by its very nature, is a fixed point of consciousness, yet the perception of the Divine floods in only when that self-imposed limitation is dropped and one simply witnesses creation and That which underlies it. It is a sort of perception that occurs without a perceiver. It is a perception that occurs not from one point, but simultaneously from all points. The ego self can't conceive of such things, yet it is within your ability; it is your natural state.

Since no one, no "I," is doing the seeing, it is more accurate to say, "God is seen."